Unknown Symptoms

Do you ever feel like you’re on a verge of a mental breakdown? Out of nowhere, the symptoms kick in. My blood sugar suddenly dropped but I already took my pill. I didn’t skip any meals today. My heart is racing out of the blue yet it feels likes it’s not beating at all. My lips are trembling. My lips never tremble, not even when I cry.

What’s happening to me?

My chest feels empty. I can’t feel my heartbeats anymore. My heart is trying to make sense of my body when my mind is a ticking bomb that never runs out of time. My eyes are burning but I just got them checked. My hands are trembling, I’m hardly staying in my lane. Driving has never been more difficult.

What’s happening to me?

It’s funny how my heart knows it all when my mind’s a blur. It’s telling me to let go. It’s telling me to get down on my knees and let my tears flow out, to let my screams fill my ears until there isn’t any space to fill anymore.

But… there is no cause. There is no reason. Nothing happened today, why isn’t my body okay?

27 thoughts on “Unknown Symptoms

  1. I recently was pushed to the edge of mental collapse by Parkinson’s disease meds. When I look back as the problem grew, the anxiety attacks were easily linked to a stress event but as it got worse it could happen randomly, separate from any defined cause. It felt like blood sugar so I compulsively tested, it wasn’t that, finally I rang for an ambulance, suspected heart attack. The paramedics said it was only by ecg’s etc that they can be sometimes differentiated. I got a ride in an ambulance but no siren or blue light which was frankly disappointing. I’m not medically trained so please take my comment as sharing a similar story.
    Hope things improve soonest possible.

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  2. I am so sorry this is happening to you. It really sounds like your blood count is low. It might be hypoglycemia. Try eating more often during the day and be sure to have protein each time. I travel with peanut butter for the same reason. Take care of yourself.

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  3. I used to suffer from panic attacks that would take over at the worst times and without any obvious triggers. Learning to breathe through it and keep myself grounded (aware of feet on the floor, etc) helped. Sorry that you are going through this.

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    1. I appreciate your comment but not everyone believes in a creator and even those who do can still suffer from depression. Regardless, thank you for your input, it means a lot to me that you’d make time to write that down 😊

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    2. Well, , hmmm.. Well depression is a haunt- full thing , but we must strive against it… And I guess be happy and positive will do… Don’t over think must add, focus ahead of greater things you wanna do or achieve…


  4. Hi there! I actually have the same problem! My palms get sweaty and red. My head gets dizzy and my heart is pounds like crazy. Make sure to eat small meals throughout the day. Eat three main meals and have a good source of protein! Also, watch your sugar intake. You could be sensitive to sugar and caffeine. I also struggle with this. It’s not fun but your body is telling you to take care of yourself. Had this happen with me and taking 2 energy drinks to survive no sleep, classes, and work! Not a good idea!!!

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  5. I love the way you express your thoughts..
    Even I could relate to it quite well especially the time when loneliness surrounds you even though we might have lost just one person from our lives who made a big difference.
    Good one again!!! 🙂

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  6. Hi lovely,

    So sorry you’re feeling this way! I hope you find out what it is, sounds like a panic attack. When you have a panic attack you actually have TOO MUCH oxygen in your body. You need to level out with your CO2 – even if your breathing isn’t erratic – my panic attacks are fight focused.

    Breathe evenly. In through the nose, out through the mouth, four or more times.

    You’re going into fight or flight and you are afraid. I have been so afraid that I thought I couldn’t hear/feel my heart too. Try to claim yourself back gently. Ask less scared questions like: “Is there any real threat/reason to be scared of right now? Could I use a break right now? How can I make myself feel safer?” It takes strength and practice but you need that kind voice. Be well. ~ P ~

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    1. Thank you so much, Pola! Thankfully that hasn’t happened to me in some time but I’ll keep what you said in mind. It was really difficult because it happens once I’m alone, which often means driving back home.


    2. First of all, Yazz, please be safe and pull over, or something. Keep that rational voice trained in your mind, so you feel less alone and things don’t escalate insha’Allah. Good luck!


  7. Two weeks ago today I was there in the worst way, tears on fear up an unfamiliar stairway to a cage I couldn’t escape from, at the mercy of a shrink who insisted on an early appointment when I’m most vulnerable. But I didn’t die. Wink wink.

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    1. I want to hug you so bad 😦 Thank you for sharing this with me! Some days are worse than others and whenever you’re there again, don’t hesitate to reach out to me 😦 I’m more than happy to listen.


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