Ceaseless wanting


I always come back to you, giving up my lips to you
In a smell so comforting and a taste so sweet
Dusk settles as you and I meet, over the water
because no one has to know what you mean to me

My sin, my will, my desire
Skin tight in a stream of light
The bells of art dead
Lust and love live alike


Love,   Alyazya

31 thoughts on “Ceaseless wanting

  1. as both a Sailor with all that life and lore behind me, and now as a married man, happily, fervently, and passionately spiritually-centered, I can attest that you can find passion and desire that is not forbidden….

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  2. I’m drawn to your style but with all due respect I detest your words and not because they are not eloquent. No… they have steam and weight and remind me of the heart breaks felt growing up. Now growing old… they’re just sounds that never quite healed but definitely were suppressed. So compliments by way of understanding pain.


    1. Thank you for sharing. I hope you allow yourself to heal 💙Life is too short to suppress our emotions. Let them guide your way alongside your mind and you’ll be free 💙


  3. I was trying to pm you to ask you about your writing process but can’t figure out how to do it on here. So I’ll just ask in the comments: what inspires you to post so regularly? Like what’s your muse?


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