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I’m just trying to overcompensate for being average. Often, I’m half-asleep and writing about made-up feelings.

My goal, really, is to be less of an idiot.

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111 thoughts on “Icebreaker

  1. i’m new to wordpress, so thank you for the like on my poem! you have a quaint page here— really love the diary entries and the way it’s set up 🙂


  2. You are a fascinatingly beautiful expression composed of many varieties of colors, shades, depths and perspectives. It’s been a joy to experience a little of you, whether “made-up feelings” or not, through your writings and, of course, I look forward to experiencing more of your expression as you continue to expand within yourself, bringing forth your expression into the world. ❤️🌹❤️

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  3. Alyaza,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the like on my recent post looking at Meg from A Wrinkle in Time. Feel free to like and subscribe to see the rest of my five part series.

    I’ve just been looking through some of your work, and your poetry is hauntingly beautiful. And honestly, I think everyone should make your goal their own. All the best!

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  4. I have never been one for poetry, but I love your writing! Honestly amazing stuff, you should work towards publishing a book if you’re not already! Thanks for your like on my book review of ‘Betting on Famine’ on Books for Thought. I gave you a follow on Instagram too. Looking forward to more of your content 🙂

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    1. Hahaha! It’s sad to hear that you see yourself as an average joe or plain jane.

      We have two quotes in Arabic that I absolutely love, and I think they’re great to keep in mind when assessing one’s self-worth.

      The first is: “كل انسان يعرف قدر نفسه,” which means every person is aware of their own worth.
      The second is: “الناس مقامات.” This is one basically means that ‘people are of different statuses.’
      I like the second one because it makes me think of big city skylines! You’ll notice that buildings come in different heights. Some have a stronger presence than others and demand attention! Some sit in the shadows of these huge skyscrapers.

      We probably come from different worlds, we probably will never meet, and I will never know your circumstances, but I hope you don’t think so little of yourself. People who have value in this world create their own value, demand respect, and assert their presence.


    2. this is what i have been told my whole life. this is how i have been treated my whole life. no offense, like a woman in the arabic world, good luck nothing has changed you either leave or die a slow death. your words mean something to me, ideas and feedback are the end goal of my being here.


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