A Liar’s Truth


No matter who says that what I say is true,
I’m a liar who lives with his made-up truth.
When men decided to fly I was crawling deep under.
My desire to be confined throws me into a wonder.
No one can hurt me as well as I hurt me
and I don’t believe it when I say I’m half okay.
I’d suffer for it all if I had time to suffer
because a dream passes by and every day,
I’m fighting to surrender.


Love, Alyazya

26 thoughts on “A Liar’s Truth

  1. Hi, liar!
    One of my favorite authors once wrote: In suffering lies sublime principle of life.” (of course is not my wish that you suffer!) I want just to say: no matter how you feel – it’s just one — among many others — life-phase. Don’t be worried — already on the next corner, a new joy awaits you.

    Best regards!

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    1. Definitely, pain comes with a lot of lessons but in pain alone I don’t find that you learn anything. That’s a really interesting quote. Who’s the author?


    2. The pain is cruel, efficient and educative teacher. Nietzsche didn’t say in vain: “Everything that does not kill us – make us stronger.” And the author is — Fyodor Dostoevsky from the book, Crime and Punishment. It’s one of the most famous roman in the world-literature.

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  2. You and your writing interest me. A poorly-written poem/narrative is one the writer decides to write for the wrong reasons IE…to be published or just to impress someone. Like me, I sense most of the material you write is from a place of necessity. I have found the biggest misconception among those reading my writing is that the piece is a riddle that hides what I’m “really” trying to say. Do you find this as well? Still, I like it when a written piece asks you to ask yourself “What the heck is this?” I should like to comment again sometime if that would be okay?

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