Under the rain, I am restrained, with nowhere to face except for all the things coming my way.


Water once cold and warm, formed marshes in my deserted home.
In a funny world, I was evergreen, until the rain moated my soul.

And I, as Tiresias, have foresuffered all, under water touched by a trojan whore.
Inextricably entwined with the pressure of living. Of this formerly me, I am a patron.
Free to protect me, as you go to where you’d live ruefully.

My reflection of you was gone by day. You’re no longer the things you meant to me, the colors I see or the words I please but you’re chained to my neck, like steps taken on wet cement.

The reason you came is the reason I want you to stay.
The reason you’re here is the reason I need you to leave.


Love, Alyazya

43 thoughts on “Subdued

    1. I think you’re talented, you know, write sometimes people thinks is to force the mind to write something cute to empathize with others, but it’s more than that, a really write is a reflect of emotions transmitted from a pen with ink of the soul. And you can do that, keep doing it, cuz some of this comments like this one I’m making to you, made me reach a dream that I never dreamt.


    2. Gin! You’re so sweet 💙 I’m so happy to have you as a follower! It’s great to hear you achieved a dream you never thought of being able to reach. It really warms my heart and I hope that I get to say that to someone one day 😊 It warms my heart that you find a soul in my writing. I hope that continues to be the case. It’s really difficult to write when you don’t feel the words coming out of you.

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