Who am I?


I am a lover. I am a fighter.FullSizeRender
I am a daughter and a son. 

I’m here but my heart lies elsewhere. I’m a ghost. I’m the air between your fingers. I’m the breeze against your neck. I’m around when I’m not. I see with my eyes shut. I listen to silence. You’ll find my heart when my mind is blinded. You’ll find my mind when my heart is ill; inked with sin, and lost between the bones of my ribcage. I’m driven by my emotions and guided by my flaky mind. I’m yet to learn about the nature of who I am. Meanwhile, I’ll hold on to what I know, and that is: I’ll be loved until I’m not.


Love, Alyazya


110 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Dear Yazzeus, I like the restraint of your writing, and of course your honesty. Though I can never know if you are weaving skilful fictions. “Flaky mind”? I don’t think so! It’s refreshing to discover a writer who is doing more than treating the world to personal (and should be private) outpourings! Regards, Nick

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  2. Hey Alyazya – I’m really diggin’ your site! It looks great aesthetically and from what I’ve read, has some great deep content.

    Looking forward to connecting and reading more.

    Much love,


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