This is love

University City

After the chaos has passed, love still stands strong within me.

Love is not standing by an empty street waiting for headlights you know you’ll never see but fragments of your heart linger around the possibility of seeing your reflection in his eyes. It is not walking back home alone afterward with your head low.

Love is not a deep breath that lays heavy on your chest, tears that wake you up at night, or nightmares that follow you wherever you go.

Love is not asking the weather to comfort you with a few droplets of rain or feeling isolated in the sound of laughter.

It is not the pain and suffering of yesterday.

University City

Love is the first ray of dawn that whispers your name through your thin curtains. It’s lazy kisses on your neck.

It’s the smell of freshly brewed morning coffee that transforms into a cup of hot cocoa by sundown.

Love is dancing under a nightlight because her favorite song is playing. It’s whispering into his ear because you want to hold him closer.

Love is ocean waves that comfort you after a long day at work. Love is a held glance, a skipped heartbeat, and your bodies paralyzed because your shoulders just brushed.

Love is an I understand.ย It’s a voice that never fades away and eyes that never stop smiling.

Itโ€™s the reason you still want to stay.


Love,ย  Alyazya

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