Loondon, 2017

Do you remember when we just met?
I followed the shadows of your silhouette.
I traced my footsteps to you. 

Do you remember when we were just kids?
We dreamt about getting old.
We thought we’d conquer the world.

Now, I only see you through the phone,
and we’re too distant for me to call,
but I thought I’d let you know
when I’m beaten down, I think of you.

Are you still innocent?
Are you still pure,
or has the world changed you?

Do you still dream?
Are you afraid to feel?
Do you remember me?

Cause I still remember the day you said goodbye.
You gave me something to treasure you by.
We said we’ll always remember. We held our pinkies together.
And, they put between us 530 miles.
I kept my promise.
Did you keep yours?

Love, Alyazya

12 thoughts on “Jumana

    1. Yes, it is. An Arab country is finally hosting the World Cup! I hope it’s a successful one.

      Oh, and by the way, Qataris are the relatives, spouses, and friends of numerous Emiratis. They’re our family; our brothers and sisters. Get that straight, Gary.


    2. Of course they are (close) relatives and friends. But this will be a very different writing project than if the Cup was in Dubai. I have some research to do. I saw your LinkedIn page today. You have some very good credentials and seem to be very well positioned.

      I also read your paper on the Ba’ath Party. Very interesting. I did not know it was a socialist party and especially also a secular party. That helps explain how America, in its ignorance, made such a stupid decision about Saddam and everything has been worse since.


    3. I didn’t understand where you were coming from with your initial comment. Are you writing about the world cup?

      I’m glad you read that paper. It is missing a lot of important information that due to the word count our professor set, but it provides good insight nevertheless.

      I wouldn’t say the US and the UK were ignorant about their decision, but it was a wrong decision from a humanitarian perspective.


    4. I sensed there was more you could have included in the Ba’ath paper. But the politics is very complex and you have stop somewhere.

      Yes, I am working on a piece about Qatar and the World Cup. But the context is much larger. I would like to show it to you when it’s finished, but you’ll have to tell me where to send it. If it is accepted for publication it may be a few months. It will be included in a hardbound book.


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