Into the Mist

By the shorelines near the evergreen, I rest near ill-fallen trees
When the clouds above me disappear,  and there’s hope for clarity
Camouflaged in a dress dyed moss green, my body is finally at ease
And, I’m unencumbered by fear, but cast with the curse of curiosity
Now part of the unseen, I glide along with the breeze
Unbothered I laid for years, but I can move forth carelessly

Walking through the mist, into the unknown
Into the great abyss, now that I’ve grown
Walking through the mist, hidden and cloaked
But, in a witheringly harsh twist of faith,
My eyes met with a ghostly wraith
And, I could feel the earth shift; something’s gone amiss
An irrevocable drift; I’ve been shamefully remiss

My world… my breeze…  I’m now under the scalding heat
Uncloaked, unarmored, abandoned by the shadows
Walking through the mist, with my hands held high
Shaped into a fist, but I’m not ready to fight
Into the great abyss, into this war alone
I planted for years, to reap what I’d sown
But, you handed me seeds infested with disease
Double-crossed me when I made you my home
The great betrayal that’s still chilling my bones

Love, Alyazya

12 thoughts on “Into the Mist

  1. What a powerful poem Alyazya! The rhythm, imagery and how it vividly transitions in its tone 👏🏾
    Thankful for your poetry and wishing you well 🙇🏾‍♂️

    Liked by 2 people

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