In the temple of our spirits

Days are slow when there’s space between us, nights are long and burdensome.
When I’m alone I like to reminisce – your ghost tempts, I succumb.
Your memory follows me home. When I close my eyes, I see yours,
and my mind sings me sweet songs.

Flamingo Island Umm Al Quwain

We’re trapped in a small place, but it doesn’t matter cause I have you here.
Your breaths fill the space like invisible words, but your intentions are clear.

The darkness fails to blind us; whispers of smiles escape through its veil.
And, there’s nothing more to understand, but the fervent stares we share.

The air bends with you, time stops, completely engrossed in this moment.
My brown eyes are paralyzed; staring, studying, cherishing this.

Doubts taunt me but I don’t care cause you move like rhythmic poetry,
and flow like soft water gently kissing rocks near the riverbanks.

You hold me, melt me
Kiss me, I shiver

You touch me, sink me
You move me, drown me
I’m gasping for air

Breathe, I evaporate
Then, you say my name
and, I’m here again.

Say it once more…
I disappear.

Again, I’m swaying at your behest. Lord knows I tried to resist,
but fiery waves got to me and I tumbled; flowing down the stream.

You know my dear, it was inciting, and your scent was inviting,
but I was always aware and afraid of your devilish smile.

I won’t lie, it’s still exciting, but the fires don’t burn anymore.
Your warmth soothes me, and I’m tranquilized when I lay underneath you.

I’m locked up, enslaved, and enthralled cause you take me beyond the stars.
You discovered feelings that were invisible – latent for years.

When our foreheads touch with our eyes closed, I feel my heart holding yours.
These moments mean much more – with sacred breaths I dedicate to you.

I seize these seconds, keep them to myself, and try to comprehend.
They’re holy, like heaven came down to Earth and touched my soul with yours.

And, the clueless angels don’t know if they should cry or celebrate.
The Gods’ are war with us, but they’re awed by this magnificent sight.

Love, Alyazya

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