What is this overwhelming heaviness on my chest? Why won’t my mind lay to rest?

Dubai, JLT

Seconds are often too long. People talk, but I’m all alone. Why does everything feel so wrong?
Am I a passerby? Do I have a place in this world?

I clasp my hands and try to feel the breeze. I’m in pain, but I’m still here. 
What do I do when I am so weak? What am I holding on for?

Everything here feels irregular, and most of the time, I’m an outsider.
But, this heaviness has grown familiar; it’s the closest thing I have to home.

People still talk, but I don’t want to be here. And, sometimes I scream, but I don’t want to be heard.
I reach out, but I’m only half there.

I try to move, but the air pushes me down, so I wait for time to pass me by.

I know something is not right and it’s all clear to me now.
My thoughts are killing me ‘cause it’s all clear to me now.

Love, Alyazya

14 thoughts on “Disorientated

  1. Wow! Really a great piece, Dear Alyazya! The truth is in your very last line – “My thoughts are killing me ‘cause it’s all clear to me now.” The answer is Change Your Thoughts!! How? Well, as a writer you are blessed with a great mind that has shown itself to be capable of creative writing and thinking and imagining. So, create, imagine a world of your own that is the way you want it or dream it would be. Paint your own world with your thoughts and with your words. Use the silence and solitude you feel in the midst of a crowd as an opportunity to let the whispers of the Universe into your Heart and Soul. Let your inner voice, your inner self be seen by your heart and soul by the words you pen and put on paper. Create a world with your words that we would all love to live in so even the blind can see just by listening to your words. Then let your heart and soul believe in the love and joy you have created and put on paper.

    So, having said the above, going – on and on and on – let me challenge you to write three short pieces – One on the silence and solitude you have described above and how you are going to start using it to start writing and creating your own world; two on building a strong inner self and then how this has let you start creating an inner world and life that you love; and third describing how you stopped your words from killing you and then telling others how you did it and how they can too! This, Dear Alyazya, would be an Awesome gift to the World!!! 🎁🎁😊💕✨🎉👍

    I cannot express to you how very much I love your long and continued support of my words and my blog. You are a Dear Heart, Alyazya!!! Bless you!!
    xoxox 😘💕💖😊😁🌹🌹✨🎉👍


  2. He who does not know loneliness is still in the infancy of the world, there where the eons await their birth. he remains closed to it, to this tired time that survives itself…

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  3. This a painful yet honest poem. I hope you are okay. I think current events have all of us rethinking–everything. I have already lost two online friends in the past couple of years, I would hat to lose you for any reason. Being blind, as I am, I often have moments, even now after a recent physical, I have to go back to a cancer clinic to have, hopefully, another round of blood treatments, that might never end and yet I am still glad to have today. I’ve learned that everyday is a gift. I think you’re a wonderful writer and I believe you are probably stronger than you know. The pathway to ones heart is always through their smile. And so we simply have to keep smiling no matter how awful it gets. We are never as alone as we seem to be. 💙

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    1. Hey Charles,

      I hope reading it didn’t bring you down. It’s not meant to be a poem, just a diary-like entry.

      Yeah, a lot of people have been forced to face themselves during these times.

      I hope that one day you beat cancer, and get healthier. It’s amazing to see how optimistic you are. Everyday is indeed a gift.

      Thank you for reading my writing! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

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