Do you trust my love?

Babe, winter is near,
do you trust me to keep you warm?
To build you a fire,
and to keep you safe from the storm?

If I bring the storm,
will you be patient and hold on?
I might provoke you,
poking at your heart with mine,
but will you believe,
my intentions for you are pure?

Babe, for you I feel
intense feelings of affection.
Have faith in my love
cause I’ve got no hidden motives
but to comfort you,
and to make your warm arms my home.

Do you trust that youโ€™ve got a friend?
Do you trust you’re safe to be mine?

Do you know, that everyone else had to impress me, but all you have to do is speak sweet things to me.
And, there aren’t many out there like me, so take my hand. Baby, I want to be slow dancing in your arms.
We’re from different worlds, how do you fit me perfectly? Your love is free but it tastes like luxury.
Iโ€™m scared but I never wanted to jump into the unknown before. And, I long to be one with you.
Do you know that only you can make my legs shake, and heart palpitate wildly under your fingertips?
Will this warmth last? If I tell you I don’t like to share, will you tell the world you only got eyes for me?

Love, Alyazya

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