My slow soul

My slow soul surrenders to this fast-paced world.
Once again, it’s trapped between hardened walls.
It spends its days lamenting its previous wars.
It lost, but didn’t it choose to?
Didn’t it give up too soon?

To this day, my soul seeks to escape this heat.
And, under God’s sun, it’s left with no option,
but to feed itself with its fallen tears.
Tonight it cried itself to sleep
to avoid falling in too deep.

Some souls look for their way back into heaven.
Others rebel and choose to die with their shame.
But, mine just wants to survive,
and it’s tired of giving
’cause it’s fighting to live.

My slow soul feels the burden to stay in earth’s company,
but, the world is heavy to carry cause its light’s fading.

Only hearts can hold it together, but only a few souls have homes
where hearts can grow.

Love, Alyazya

17 thoughts on “My slow soul

  1. “Only hearts can hold it together, but only a few souls have homes where hearts can grow.”
    I find this sentence of infinite depth …. it contains in two lines a conflict that others have written entire books to explain it. You reach the soul with a touch of beauty.
    Even my soul is slow and often surrenders to our fast paced world where many, too many people do not live aligned to their feelings.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

      Sometimes, its hard to live a life that makes you happy because society puts importance on success, wealth, status, luxury, etc.

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