There was once a child

Sharjah Art Museum, Marwan Kassab-Bachi, “The Palestenian Boys” (1970)

There was once a child
that lived all alone,
away from his mother’s warmth.

He forgets to breathe,
and he never speaks.
He lives in a moment
fueled by ecstasy.

There was once a kid
who learned to survive
by cutting off his limbs,
and throwing them into the wild.

And, every time people come close,
the demon dressed in his skin
speaks heinously through his lips
to push them away.

He grew into a tormented man.
Limbless, he laid in his old land,
trying to forge the feeling of love,
feeding off those who come his way.

Sometimes, he tries to save people
who want to help him escape his fate.
But, his heart longs for the warmth
he lost as a child.

Love, Alyazya

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