Sharjah Art Museum

I long for peaceful solitude
and desire slow time;
with heavy breaths
that fill the air
and push seconds
down, deeper into me.

Time lays by my side.
My body is lost,
drowning in the calm
of a silence in hiding
in the stillness
of my room.

Warm on the surface,
but cold air creeps
into my bones.
Patient and unfeeling,
I crack;
seconds escape,
and time moves on.

Restless, I now lay
craving a moment of silence,
and for time to move slow.

Love, Alyazya

40 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. You’re not alone.
    You’re not alone in feeling this way.
    You’re not alone in wanting to continue to feel this way.
    You’re not alone in needing to find a way out of feeling this way.
    You’re not alone in this world of many multiples of kind souls.
    You’re not alone when you need help from someone.
    You’re not alone at any time of the day or night.
    You’re not alone when you need a lift.
    You’re not alone at this time.
    You’re not alone ever.
    You’re not alone.
    How can I help?

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  2. Solitude is normally associated with something negative, while it is an extremely necessary and positive state of mind. Your beautiful verses are an elegant and emotional way to say it. As usual, your inner landscape draw beautiful thought that empathize strongly with universal emotions!!!
    Me too I tried to express the need for a positive solitude as a mindset to find peace with yourself…if you want to have a look:

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