I wonder about you

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Kite Beach, Dubai

I want to sit by the beach in silence until the waves stop talking and the moon fades away.

I close my eyes and bury my hands in the sand as I lean back and breathe. The air flooding my lungs takes me back to my golden days. It’s infused with your scent, and in you, I drown. Did the wind bring you to me or is my mind playing games?

I fight the urge to open my eyes in hopes I’d spot yours looking at me. I don’t need to see your face in the darkness. I know your soul is with me every step of the way, I say, as I let go.

Warm breath escapes my lungs to be seized by the cold wind. In seconds, it evaporates. Your scent disappears. My memories of you vanish. Were they just dreams? I wonder.

I wonder as I do most days when I’m immersed in solitude, being teased by ocean waves. I wonder when I stroll around the trees or cruise through empty streets, were my memories of you real?

Love,   Alyazya

34 thoughts on “I wonder about you

  1. You, God, who lives next door–
    If at times, through the long night, I trouble you
    with my urgent knocking–
    this is why: I hear you breath so seldom.
    I know you’re all alone in that room.
    If you should be thirsty, there’s no one
    to get a glass of water.
    I wait listening, always. Just give me a sign!
    I’m right here.

    As it happens, the wall between us
    is very thin. Why couldn’t a cry
    from one of us
    break it down? It would crumble
    easily, it would barely make a sound.

    Reiner Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

    This poem, written by a German of the 19th C, is as close to what Rumi wrote in the 13thC
    as one could get.
    But unlike you, Rumi did not write about his beloved. He wrote about The Beloved.
    And Rilke was not writing about the God next door, but the God within, only a thin cry
    away from bursting into his ‘room,’ his heart.

    What you are writing…about your ‘golden days’ of passion, is only a thin wall away
    from these two. Turning your imaginary, or even real, beloved into The Beloved, would
    leave you drowning in the scent of devotion and surrender.

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    1. Hello Gary,

      Thank you for introducing me to a new poem! I really appreciate you dwelling on my words and coming up with a conclusion of your own. I’ll have to read Rumi’s poem as well to fully understand what you mean.

      Have a great day 💙


  2. Hello, my angel, it’s Giggles the Poet. We met on several occasions and I finally found your email, so I sent you some great mind music with my number if you need to chat. Keep on writing, it’s good for the soul.. Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts….Have a great life and mind journey 🙂 Love and hugs Giggles the Poet…..www.Facebook.com/Giggles63 join the BRAIN WARRIORS

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    1. Hey Brenda,

      Thank you for sharing! I just checked my e.mail and I’ll look into the music soon 😊 Have a wonderful day!

      With Love, Alyazya


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