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The Dubai Fountain

I miss you a lot, and it hurts a lot more ’cause I’m missing someone I never got to know.

All I can think of is how it ended up this way, and I can still hear you say, “I’m falling for you.”

I wonder what these words meant to you cause my heart was skipping a beat for as long as I remember, and I was starting to feel happy before you chose to surrender.



Love, Alyazya

21 thoughts on “Jaded

  1. Simple yet deep. inspired by you work, a small piece i wrote.

    You are missing from me,
    The emptiness hurts
    And it can’t be filled by a sorry
    All i can think of is…
    Life was on the brink of..
    A new begining
    Then why it ended?
    Your words , ” Am falling for you ?”
    haunt me,
    But then the echoes of, ” It ain’t working out anymore ” taunt me,
    Heart that skipped a beat for you,
    Is lying broken with no clue,
    For all the emotions and experiences traded,
    This soul is now jaded.

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    1. Hey, I saw. I don’t mind but please retitle it and credit me since you’re using my words. 😊 What I usually do is reblog a post and add what I expanded to it so people have access to both!


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