Another kid with a star on his head
caught my crescent moon before it fled
Held my hand, dragged me into the red
“I think you know what happens next”
Whispered in my ear; lead me to his bed
Will I ever be clean again?
Summer, winter, spring and fall
I wish you had more seasons than four
A day with you: a rise then a fall
but I rose again and I asked for more
and your witty words, they had me sold

Whatever do they mean, my friend?

I left your heart as it is
you took mine without a thought
now all I can do is skip through scenes
You blinded me and I couldn’t see
the traps you planted ahead of me
Don’t say you don’t know when I told you

Hearts aren’t meant to be eaten raw

Little kid with a star on your head:
I loved you for your heart and soul
but you didn’t love me for being me
You loved the love you’ve grown to know

Now, that love, I’m taking from you

Little kid with a star on your head:
I hope you don’t have any regrets
cause you can’t change what you said

Love, Alyazya

14 thoughts on “7:11

  1. Finally you’re back!!! Strong and blunt as before! I think you are right to do what you say in the poem … I believe that you must not allow anyone to poison you or poison the ray of sunshine you are! Ciao!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Yeah, I’m so happy to be back 🥳 I do have a lot of old “boring” papers to share before I post anything new though 😅 bear with me!


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