Unwanted thoughts

I don’t think of you, but my mind does sometimes, and it kills me that you’re not by my side. Nights we spent cozied up together are now silenced by the oceans between us. You drifted away, and I’ve been drowning ever since.

I bow down to my heart as I stare at the blank ceiling. Laying bare, waiting for a tomorrow that never comes.


Stuck between the past and the future,
this moment dissolves from existence.
It cannot survive these reminiscences.

Two people, only one feeling, still,
we face away from one another.
How are you the only person I see?

Good things do come from heartbreak;
I lost myself in you to find my faith,
closed my eyes and gave up to fate.

I know that when I’m dead and buried deep, my regrets will accompany me.
Yet, I chose to regret my decisions every day.


علمني كيف احب فأنا في الحب طفل صغير. كلما اتيت بقلبك سبقني لساني و قتل ما فيه. صاحبني الكلف بعدما هجرني النوم و أبقاني سهير.

لما لم تعلمني كيف اعطيك شيئاً لا امتلكه؟

تجنبتك عندما كنت بجانبي، ثم أتى بك خيالي و أنت بعيد.

ارجوك… اترك أحلامي في حالها. لما تزورني في منامي إذا لم تجلس بجانبي لكي أحاكي عيناك؟ لما يقع قلبي بين يديك كلما أغمض عيني؟ أصبحت أتقلب في سريري، أرجو من الزمن ان ينسيني اسمك و لكنه مغروس في جوفي. يختبئ صوتك في ظل الليل و يترقص عطرك مع رياح الصبح.

لا يا قلبي، إذا راحتي بين يديه لا اريد الراحة.

Love,   Alyazya

19 thoughts on “Unwanted thoughts

  1. Next to me, softness and a hot velvety skin. It was a risk I took, when my own heart was still oozing thick blood. Wounded. Yet the step in faith proved to be right. As I can’t do without my love. The one that softly, gently snarls at her pillow while she so beautifully sleeps for the final twenty minutes before modern tech will shatter her dreams.

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