My ocean | يا بحري

kite beach

The ocean and I are at odds with one another. It begs for a taste of my peace.

Your waves come to pull me in, leaving gentle kisses on my feet. Buried deep, here I stand, with a thirst for love, knowledge, and ecstasy but your shores are left dry.

One part of the ocean is always the most turbulent. A part of me understands why. Everything you need stands in front of you but you are waiting on the other side of letting go.


عجزت ان أتكلم فقام البحر ليتكلم عني. أمواجه تتلاعب لتخفف من اثر زلزال اهدم بيوتا في جوفي. أتت تقبل قدميه ولكني ظللت واجماً. اقف أنا و يقف كربي ها هنا و يكاد يزيد هوله مع ضحكات البحر. ربما، سيبقى خافقي مسموماً. يا ليتني أتذبل و تسحبني المياه لكي اسقي نفسي بنفسي. يا ليت الأمس يكف عن مطاردتي. يا ليت الغد لا يمتص من روح اليوم. يا ليت قلبي يكون كما كان القمر بالأمس و هو مكتملاً.

يا بحري، أنا سباحٌ أغوص في عالم الخيال، تشجيني أنغامك و يسحرني انعكاس القمر على مياهك، ولكن لا تستطيع شواطئك ان تروي قلباً ظمئاً ظمئ إلى أحبابه، فلا تحاول يا بحري ان تزهيه.

لا اعلم يا بحري اهناك ارض اكبر مني؟

اهناك الَهٌ الِه اليه؟

Love,   Alyazya

32 thoughts on “My ocean | يا بحري

    1. It’s all good. I get caught up in the real world too. It’s such a pain! Imagine having to do useless stuff with my hands, like eating and stroking cats and brushing my teeth when it’s obvious that I should be just typing, typing, typing. If we were meant to use our hands to run our hands through our hair then why on earth were we given keyboards and keypads!!
      And yes, I’m being ironic. Or sarcastic. Or something like that. 😀
      Hope your day is going well, Alyazya.


    2. Oh yeah, tickling – another thing fingers are good at. If you don’t get back to me, tickle yourself unmercifully. 😉
      All is well. The day is wonderful. Laters, Yaz (can I call you Yaz?)


  1. Hmph. Looks like someone’s very good at writing.
    I wish I had written something like this.
    Guess I will keep trying.
    Q: How would one even get in the right frame of mind, to write something like this?
    Maybe I need to go read a lotta Rumi, or, something.
    Anyway,so: Wow. It’s good.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for your kind words 💙 I think the best thing you can do is get in touch with your emotions – the most vulnerable and extreme ones – and let them guide you. What I found helpful was shifting my purpose from writing something “good” to expressing a feeling or thought accurately. Raw is better than perfect. Simple is better than complex.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand.
      I used Google translate but I get what you mean about the essence of it.
      Kind of like if a Russian poem or prose is translated, it’ll likely lose the essence because it was born in a language that can’t easily relay the beauty or essence of the written thing when translated, it would be quite hard to capture the expressions or feeling of the original using another language.
      Well, that’s what I think.
      Thank you for sharing your writing for others to read 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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