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Louvre, Abu Dhabi

You were a beautiful possibility.
You could’ve found a home in me,
but the hollowness behind your skin
revealed a dark and soulless stare.

I never wanted to escape reality when I was with you
but you lived in fantasies made of me
when the magic was right in front of you.

I bet you still dream of being held by me.
You were curious for a taste of a love you didn’t deserve,
and I’ve already fallen in love with loving you
before I came to my senses and cast you away.

But, what used to make me cry now makes me smile.
Thanks for teaching me how to love myself.
Thanks for showing me how meaningless your presence is.

I never wanted something that just looks good on paper.
I desire something your mind can never conceive.
“Look into my eyes and tell me love doesn’t exist,” I say
“cause I look into yours and wonder if the devil walks amongst us.”

Maybe, in our next lives, you’ll pass by
and we’ll pretend to be in love again.
Maybe, your eyes will sparkle as much as mine.


Love,  Alyazya

18 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Love exists! It exists in infinite forms, people, smells, places, words, gestures, acts, moments … it is not always easy to find it but even more important is knowing how to recognize what is not love and flee and put time and space between you and this false love. ” You were a beautiful possibility” this beautiful phrase in your poem, contains all the essence of what I told you.

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