The fall

2c6bfbd2-d852-46bf-b7af-440902c65606-e1564274064555.jpgWhen the ocean walks away
and the waves go silent —
when the air remains still
and the sun fades in the darkness,

I’m pulled away from the shore.
The water is growing on me
and the wind comes to push away
my steps towards earth’s core.

I see a wistful smile whirling around me;
the devil disguises himself in the light.
Struggling to escape the undercurrent,
I know I shouldn’t have explored
but curiosity couldn’t kill me.

Pushing upwards, I escape
and my first breath brings me the sun.
Its heat is raw. My eyes are blind,
as though I discovered it for the first time
and my skin lived in darkness for ages.

She extends a ray of hands toward me
before I was by the shore again
fighting away snakes trying to take me to
a throne I never asked for.

The bites on my skin bloom into flowers
and the soft sounds of worship fade away
as I stand my ground and hold my power,
and the ocean learns that I’m not one to betray.

Love,  Alyazya

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