In your head

ea551907-3c81-40ac-9fb1-41a3693066ce.jpgWhat makes you think I’ll leave my life behind to be by your side?
Oh boy, don’t you know?
I walked a thousand miles. I lived a thousand lives.
Oh boy, I know
how to handle pain, and this doesn’t compare.

You might need me there
to hold you when you’re weak
But I’m good right here
Only at peace when I’m alone

Maybe you don’t know what life means to you
but it’s a battlefield, and we’re on different teams.
You can point your swords at me.
You can fight along with your ghosts
but I still have light to spare.
I’ll live on my own terms,
so walk away

‘Cause this pain you feel
doesn’t hurt me the least
I can’t pretend to care.
And, no, I won’t
mend your broken heart.
You should’ve known from the start.

Love,  Alyazya

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