Butterfly Clan

Sharjah Arts Museum

When there was none
When the desert’s heat held me, and the wind blew through my bones
When life came to me empty-handed, a sign of the time came through

Fluttering in the most unexpected places,
its colored wings root my feet in the ground.
And, as it pushes itself against the wind,
my heart goes within to find its own sound

In a space crowded with emptiness, I saw it for the first time.
Dancing around me, I couldn’t help but follow. I’m spellbound.
There I was, running in circles after what caught my heart.

And when I was about to give in, it came back again.
There was no home nearby or a place for it to survive
but it grasped onto the air and stuck by my side
to tell me everything is going to be alright.

Then, in the summer heat, a few months down the line –
in the middle of the desert where souls are found underground;
where you find your reasons to lead a good life,
your heart pinches at the sound of the children’s cries
and your eyes water the dry sand, I saw it from the side of my eye.

There it was, sitting by my grandfather’s side.
I wished to speak, but I couldn’t utter a sound.
It came close enough to kiss me, to hold me by my hand.
I smiled with my head down. My heart found comfort in this house.

I thought we said our goodbyes until I saw it before I closed my eyes
Did it follow me home? Do I let it in? “Hello,” I said from my bedside.


Love,  Alyazya

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