A scattered mind sits at both ends of a spectrum, looking beyond the colors smeared over the realities of the wounded.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

It speaks.
Minds hear.
Hearts don’t listen.
Loniless triumphed – a victory for one at the loss of all.

Faces remain still, contemplating one’s mind with words empty of meaning, disregarding and belittling. “Shelter me,” a voice barely whispers, but doors close; lights hide behind curtains.

It sits in awe, questioning what to make of them:
this is what they are … “but maybe;”
this is who they’ll be … “but what if.”
“What if,” no longer. Find shelter in another home.

Another endeavor to redefine itself stuck in between the depth of woe and the height of bliss. Overthrown by instability, it remains dispersed, wondering what mess will follow.

Out of focus, it speaks to itself: “I may come close to knowing. They’ll remain in the dark. Curious or not, conspicuous or not, they won’t understand.”


It’s sad and funny how you’ve altered your reality to fit the discourse others have shaped for you. Eventually, it becomes unsettling to live up to a picture drawn by someone else’s brush. Your very being becomes the embodiment of instability. You begin to question every aspect of yourself. Once you develop a sense of understanding, they try to fit you back into the image they sculpted for you.

You can resist or give in, either way, you lose, but the loss that comes with standing your ground against people who put feelings in your heart and thoughts in your mind will deem you victorious.


Love,   Alyazya



13 thoughts on “Dispersed

  1. In the ignorance of the human condition many use their minds in the mode of personhood unconsciously attempting to shape others away from their true self. In Buddhism they teach the attitude or emotional mind state of disregard for such things, or don’t scatter pearls b4 swine. There’s a state of neither resisting or giving in beyond this polarity when living in the higher mind where you are beyond victory’s or losses as love. Only a person trapped in the belief that they are not limitless consciousness and merely ‘this person’ will try to fit you back into their box. Only when we remove that ‘splinter’ totally out of our own eye are we fit to pull it our of these peoples.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet message but you need to be more careful with your wording ’cause it can be misunderstood; e.g. how do you tell someone to do live life with happiness as if it’s that simple and easy?

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    2. I really apologize if that affected you in any way. I did’nt mean to do that. My point was just as things can change for worse overnight, they can also change for better. So we all just have to believe and be optimistic towards life. This would somehow make it simple and easy.


    3. Hey, It didn’t affect me in any way. I’m pointing out that your choice of wording may be misunderstood but I got what you’re trying to say 😊


    4. Hey, didn’t mean to affect you in any way. My point was, just like things can go for worse overnight, they can also go for the best. We just have to believe. So its better to be optimistic and hopeful, you never know! So this may help us in making this journey a bit simple, easy an fun 🙂


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