The end of days

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Is it just me or is the world broken enough to die?

Behind a lens witnessing the world tear apart, I’m sitting in despair, listening to my throbbing heart.

A glass stands between you and me. My screams are caged in sighs. Help! Get me out of here! I want to escape the safety that silences me.

My windows are now framed with ice, but dry you stand under the rain; walking towards the end of days as the wind blows through your curled hair.

I hear your voice from a distance. Your laughter rules over the thunder. When I scream not a whisper comes out. The warmth is terrifying here. Let me step into the storm and see what the world has set out for me.

My hands slip from the dampened glass. Droplets of water escape through the screen. How do you live blinded from the blast when it’s all I can see? From my place of comfort, I watch you walk towards a light waiting to take away your life.

How are you settled in the chaos, and why am I scared to be alive? Is this what it means to be chosen? I’ve sold your life to secure mine.

I scream, but my voice betrays me yet another time.
I was wrong to think the winter air can melt the world between us.


Love,   Alyazya

12 thoughts on “The end of days

  1. Things aren’t bad today, if you think back to WWII or WWI. And if you go back further, the world wars don’t look so bad compared to the Black Plague.

    In the USA, people think the country is terribly divided. Today doesn’t come close to the Civil War.

    Of course, things could be much better; but they have been much worse in the past.


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