An old fire

How does the spark die out so quickly when it was ignited not long ago? How does the rain come falling down in the midst of the heat? I still wonder how we’re not the same.

It’s weird. I care and express passion. I look and I search until I’m burned out. Then, the sun becomes too hot and the clouds are heavy. I can’t live like this. I still care but caring becomes a burden. The warmth of my bed is so comforting, why must I care to do anything at all?  I just want to lay here and let the days pass by without showers or food or human contact. Until, one day, I’m so tired of not caring that I have no choice but to bring myself back to life. A life that will inevitably lead me down the same path, the same cycle, again and again.

The fire will ignite and the passion will drive me a few steps ahead of where I’ve been standing. Then, I’ll stop in place and crawl into a ball because caring has become a burden again. Wanting to live and to continue living… this world asks for too much.


Love,   Alyazya


10 thoughts on “An old fire

  1. Starting high with the sun and becoming so drab and melancholic. Brutal. Honest. Confessionally abstract. I want to he sad at how low you dragged us. There’s hope, yes, but what good is it.

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  2. Hope my friend, that tomorrow won’t be like yesterday, and yesterday isn’t an indication of what tomorrow will be. Caring shows that you are human; and although humanity these sucks it still makes you human and a beautiful one at that! 🙂


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