You there

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetYou there, sitting alone
What has your mind bestowed upon you tonight?
The world goes by, and the tides continue to roar
Loneliness humiliates you as you let go of the light
Your doubts have grown; your dreams ran their course
Did you bring this upon yourself?

Heart tainted, mind eroded
Where have your faults been hiding all this time?
Unduly devoted, you walk the dark blindfolded
A step below; leaving tomorrow behind
Your fears matured and your worries unfolded
What will you do this time around?

You there, unforgiving of the divine
Must I say something to restore your mind?
Have you given up on your own kind
to run towards the woods with fright?

You there, laying in the comfort of fear
Give up, your eyes have already looked into mine.


Love, Alyazya

15 thoughts on “You there

  1. Well written! I think this is everyone at some point in their life. The raw emotion that you write really affects the reader! Good work


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