Rusted Hearts

Despite the barriers, despite the armored shells around us,
feelings sneak in and spill out, contagious and relentless.
Tears dry, hearts change and steel turns to rust.
I stand in front of you guarded and armed nevertheless.

Your curious eyes follow me as I undress.
I’d stay longer if your heart satisfied my tastebuds

but your touch is only meaningful in your absence.

Whatever we had lays on the floor between us
next to our clothes and the thoughts we call a mess

“Kiss me.” You kiss me.
You lay me down and hold me.
“I miss this.”
I kiss you back… “but I don’t.”
“Why are we here?”

Because you hold me when I need to be held
and touch me how I like to be touched
Your fingers scream with love
Your lips are drowning in lust
And your eyes are always lost

“I love you” No, you love this
’cause I confuse you as much as I comfort you
and you know I hurt myself enough
You can never hurt me as much


Love, Alyazya

42 thoughts on “Rusted Hearts

  1. Ms. Alyazya, although it is still November 23rd in my world, I am glad to have the chance to read this beautiful, haunting word picture you’ve painted. It felt like a place I’ve visited at some time in my youth a million years ago. Loved it!!

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  2. It’s in the way your hair falls down your face, it makes me want to say, Hello.
    Will it be in the way my name rolls off your toungue, will it be my new favorite song, would you sing along….
    Strangers feel a disconnect and hope to find a way to break out of the echos that reflect past moments hoping to find at least a heart that understands ….


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