When the night comes in

meThings don’t matter, they hurt nevertheless
Hearts do shatter but I still try my best

‘Cause when the night comes in,
I start to live within
where the dark is hidden
and the truth remains
still …

Diving in water, looking to care less
My heart’s growing broader
but my life still is a mess

‘Cause when the sun’s risen
and love becomes a given,
it comes in to greet me
but my echoes are delayed
still …

‘Cause it’s a song that sings itself
and I may not make any sense,
but when the night comes in
and the light holds me
I call out from within
a name I want to know me


Love,  Alyazya

16 thoughts on “When the night comes in

  1. Interesting.
    Good job.
    Are you practicing writing lines that rhyme or just what comes to your mind at some moment when you’re inspired/moved to write?


  2. Cool. I like the way you think, it sounds poetic, almost rhymes, or like a song, from your heart or mind.
    Thank you for sharing what you think and write.

    Do you think it’ll be easier for you to write without combining your words into paragraphs? Or will you write things in a way you think it should be based on how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking as you write? Or you’ll just try different ways on different days? Or you don’t know yet and you and we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes? Hope that’s not too many questions for you.


  3. A very positive post. We need to try to find the good in life, which is what I told a friend of mine this morning, and not focus on the hard things. Even a smile can brighten our day. 🙂

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