Waiting on me

Hyde Park

I spend most of my life waiting. Mainly, for myself to get things right.

The silence of waiting bypassed any feeling of comfort life can offer. I sit with not much going on. People walk. Their shadows hover over me. Their voices disturb the storm that’s brewing inside. I can’t grasp reality. My curiosity is dead. My eyes don’t blink.

The sound of the engine begins to tell a story… far from tranquil. Nothing is said but my eyes scream in the silence. They fail me again.

This stillness is misleading.


Love, Alyazya

18 thoughts on “Waiting on me

  1. It is in the silence and darkness that our souls seek purpose. Finding none, they seek solace. Finding none, they begin to shriek and scream. All in the silence and darkness.

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  2. There is a time and place for everything, including silence and waiting, but take this advice from the other end of life:

    (“Been Here and Gone So Soon” Insect Trust, 1968)
    Headphones, please. It need not be loud but to the bass line (and lyrics) attend.
    be well,


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