Loneliness by Alyazya

Amir’s comment on “Okay with being alone?”



I was reading an interesting blog post by Alyazya and this image of her being surrounded by lots of chicken, or goats in a countryside came up where people can be at large distances from each other. Actually, there is this huge individual that engulfs you in his/her own loving arms whenever you are all by yourself. This is so unfortunate that we start defining ourselves with the people, culture, land and/or ideas that have been hammered in our brains since childhood.

Its alright to have that sort of identity until the moment when we are no more young and stupid. But, whenever we feel (age does not matter here) that there’s some identity crises, we must embrace the fact whole-heartedly and stop faking ourselves to this awesome life we have been gifted with. This continuous lying to ourselves leads to us wearing so many masks that whether…

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9 thoughts on “Loneliness by Alyazya

  1. One, it is one thing to wear a mask as needed and quite, quite another to being obsessively attached to wearing one or more, needed or not.

    Two, it is incorrect to presume that we wear no masks when we are alone…

    Good trigger to thought here !


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