A Reminiscence

I’m looking at the clouds that look like snow. Something about winter reminds me of you.


I remember the look on your face that Wednesday afternoon, afraid we have nothing in common anymore, and the look in your eyes when I promised I’d always be around to keep you warm.

If you’re reading this, I hope you know because I loved you, I let you go. I never planned on doing so, but feelings change and words change with them.

I’m not who I am without my memories of you. The stars laugh at me as I walk home alone and the sky never seemed so lonely before, but I’ll survive Earth’s mockery if you promise to survive a day without me.

I remember you tightened your grip on my arms when the cold came in and I looked away. I should’ve put the pieces where they were meant to be, but a part of me was afraid to care ‘cause I loved everything I hated about you. I won’t forget being afraid to admit that you were the kind of happiness I’ve longed for.

I won’t let myself live another day without regretting letting you slip away.

The things that made me happy now make me cry, like the way you ran your fingers over mine. There was something about the way you smiled, like a child watching it snow for the first time.

But I always felt out of place and this life is mostly regrets …
I guess I’m your mistake.


Love, Alyazya

16 thoughts on “A Reminiscence

  1. My advice would be to not let others control your happiness, nor should you be dependent on others for happiness… Life is what you make of it, don’t make it full of regrets and what ifs..

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  2. “I remember you tightened your grip on my arms when the cold came in and I looked away.” I love this line, it jumped out to me. I could reread this and possibly never tire of it! Great post!!

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