Survival in the Alps

Literary Journalism Assignment – Narrative Arc

The group is down to six. They’re looking for a home in the woods before the night blinds them. “Remember, tall trees will not shield us.” Louis has been on alert since Aramis’s death. He took the lead to seek proper shelter. The others have no choice but to follow him.

Just a few minutes into the sunset, one of the men points to a den situated on a rock standing 2- meters above ground level. Without hesitation, Louis commands his men to climb up; “we will take shelter here”. Before his turn comes up, he grabs a few pieces of wood that were blown away by last night’s storm. He jumps into the den and rushes to start a fire.

Once successful, Louis gathers his men around saying, “Come on, men. Tonight, we are family.” Before the fire dies, he takes off his already worn-off shoes to block the wind from taking their only source of light away.

No longer looking back, Louis remembers to smile again.

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