On and off is a routine because when it hits it hits hard. Every high got me fooled and every low comes as a surprise. Who knew I wouldn’t know how to escape my own lies. Not witty enough to predict my own ways, or smart enough to hear my own cries. I’ve given up all that I was. I’ve surrendered to this mind.

My thoughts are loud enough to hurt me. My time alone is my demise.



Love, Alyazya

25 thoughts on “Volatile

  1. “My thoughts are loud enough to hurt me” Love this! This too: “Every high got me fooled and every low comes as a surprise”. This is perfect!!!

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  2. You’re still not taking care of yourself! You’re much more, beautiful than you think you’re. I can tell you lots! Don’t tempt me! Take care of yourself! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! My writing is purposely vague to enable people to interpret it differently. So whatever idea you may have, it does not apply to me specifically. As for the beautiful thing, thank you, but I am not insecure about my beauty. It means a lot to me that you’re expressing your concern. Thank you so much😊😊😊😊


    2. I didn’t mean it in that way! And words, no matter, in which way they might be written, they will, show a glimpse of you! Anyway, take care! 🙂


  3. I hear you loud and clear. I think the trick is in roping it all in with coping mechanisms… that and time. As you grow older and things settle, so too do the highs and lows. They never go away, but you can learn to ride the waves and love yourself and your thoughts again. Think of it for what it is: a wild ride that shows you things from a wide range of vantage points, at heights from which few others will ever get to enjoy the view, and from depths that will teach you to appreciate and understand the suffering of others. It is both a blessing, and a curse… but it all depends on you and what you take from it.

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  4. Awesome work,
    Since your blog is one of my favorites I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award (I’ll admit I don’t don’t know what it is) but you could find more about it at:
    and Keep the good work up…

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