The Gospel Truth

Sharjah Art Museum

It speaks to me in silence. A voice that breaks through the echoes, louder and louder each time.

My thoughts venture out into the storm, trying to fade the sound away. With every whisper, it proves to be heavy. With every scream, it hurts to survive.

My eyes blink faster, registering the blaring truth. It hurts to speak. Today, it’s been hurting to listen.

Nothing is better than a distraction but at times distractions become the only reminder you have.


Love,  Alyazya

5 thoughts on “The Gospel Truth

  1. Wow! Beautiful. Very well penned. Loved reading it.
    I am relatively new to blogging and love it when I come across such work.
    Pls visit my blog. I am 3 posts old here. I am working on a series. Would like to know your views.

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