The Introvert

Literary Journalism Exercise

Sarah is only 23. She spent the last few years doing the things she loves, confined in her cocoon, away from people. Today, she opens her eyes to a different perspective.

Embedded in her routine, she drags herself out of bed to grab some breakfast before the semester starts. On her way down the hall, she passes by the mirror to see a face she doesn’t recognize.

That’s weird, she thought. She walks fast but her thoughts outrun her. Everything was the same before today. What’s so special about today? She looks back at the mirror and pauses there. Something is unclear in her reflection. She can’t see the eyes she saw yesterday. A few hours ago, she was the girl who read L. M. Montgomery when she was 12 and discovered her love for writing in the 5th grade. Just a moment ago, she was the girl who watched anime, k-drama and wrote fan-fiction in her free time. I’ve never seen those eyes before, she thought.

Journalism, non-fiction, fiction, none of that matters to me right now, I want to have fun.


Love,  Alyazya

29 thoughts on “The Introvert

    1. How could I forget the words that resonate with the shattered pieces of my soul? There is something about you that drives me toward the stars, illuminates my face with a smile and make me chase the dreams. 😀 Besides, not everybody get to be promoted to a rank of a Commander on my blog. 😀 That holds a meaning.

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