No matter who I’m driving to, I’m always thinking of you.

Tracing your soft edges with my eyes, I’m stuck in the thought of being wrapped in your arms.

Lost in focus. How will your toned skin feel against mine? It’s nothing I can explain, I’ve never faced a desire I can’t out-win and I hate my inability to face the fact that I can’t keep up with its pace.

You’re stealing hours of my day. My sleepless nights now revolve around lips I haven’t tasted, a neck I haven’t caressed, and skin that’s so god damn close to mine.

I’m so far behind.

All I want is a forceful kiss with your arms around my neck and my back against the wall. Your lips traveling down my neck and you’re all over me. Your skin is just two layers away from mine and your smell stains mine. I don’t want to stop breathing but I can’t stand on my own two feet anymore. I can’t hold myself together, I can’t think straight, with you so close to me. You’re driving me insane.

I don’t know if it’s funny but I know that it’s strange to want something so bad that it consumes my every day.

Well, fuck.

All I want is a forceful kiss with your hands on my waist as you lay me down. There will be nothing more important than being there in that moment. Your tongue is searching every part of my skin for imperfections and your body is guiding mine to wherever it wants to take it. You’re so much to take in and I want to take all of you. 



Love, Alyazya



31 thoughts on “Lustful

  1. This is truly words of a person who has missed this feeling from a very long time specially being in a truly committed situation, and u need to be bold enough to write it and publish it on a platform where your audiences belong to different thoughts and traditions. Very well written. If someone would ask me to explain the feelings which run in my mind after completing a year of my discontinued relationship, these would definitely hit my mind first but I would never be able to make it Black and White. This is truly courageous and amazing.

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  2. I can’t help myself and not wonder – does the ONE to whom you write this, reads it?

    Actually, is this dedicated to some person or not?

    You have a very charming style and certain fling that is saturated within the text. May I suggest using repetitive words less and a little more “colorful” sentences like “I want you to climb on top of me with your tongue searching every part of my skin for imperfections & your body guiding mine to wherever you want to take it.”

    Overall, I am naturally drawn to read more of your writing. Such a shame I haven’t subscribed earlier and found more time to really dedicate to reading of your wonderful posts.

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    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I write it as I think it (on my phone) and I don’t have time to sit down and edit or even try to be colorful because I have a lot going on for me right now. My friends have noticed that my writing has become simpler nowadays but I guess once I’m not so stressed I’ll work on it. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.

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    2. I mean, do whatever you can. I didn’t know you write on your phone. Your texts still keep the emotion you wanted to portray. That is the most important thing in writing. Take care. 😀


  3. You know you’re kicking’ some ass here right?–writing-wise. Though not sure you should know or should even hear someone say such a thing. Just keep telling us your blissful-agony-of-longing story. It needs to be told and it never gets old. Bless you in your deepest messy fevered love and loss. You bless us all.

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