In With The Wind



You come in with the wind in all your woe. No longer resting on your tongue, words are falling into feelings.

It doesn’t take a sentence, it only takes a word. In a whisper, you are okay. Its grief’s loss to give you away.

Reconciling with your heart once again, in words you don’t mean, with memories quite unclear. How many times have you promised you’ll never be you again?

Someone reaches out to you in the wind that brought you in. People are howling and you’re giving in. The woods are calling, god’s no longer your friend.

The fire breaks free and for once you see why the wind chose to bring you to me.


Love, Alyazya

21 thoughts on “In With The Wind

  1. Your writings are almost enigmatic.
    I read it more than once, trying to understand the meaning.
    It makes me think about what it’s saying on right away, on the surface, and then I ponder deeper meanings, well, possible and probable ones.
    I say you write well and it evokes a sort of requirement to make myself think hard about some of the things you write, to understand them.
    Good job, Alyazya/yazzeus, on all your writing.
    Glad to have found your blog/site on wordpress. Keep writing 😀

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  2. Hey! Loved this post. I am planning to take part in a competition and the theme is Memories. So, I was wondering if you can check out my posts and tell me which one is the most relevant to memories as soon as possible. It would mean a lot to me if you’d help me out. 🌸

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