Broken Remedy


With broken hearts, our lips meet. In mended hearts, they stray away.

If this is how it is then I’ll succeed to take what I need while you’re here to stay.

In a room of gold, your silhouette, stood out in words I can’t convey.

It’s a game of roulette and I lost the bet. In the embrace of darkness, you led me astray.

Our skin was screaming for the sun to set so I let go and you feed on your prey.

With broken hearts, our lips met. In heated bodies, they’re here to stay.


Love, Alyazya

25 thoughts on “Broken Remedy

  1. you balance in the clouds
    of love and loss
    in the mirrored rooms
    of love and grief
    there in the mystery of our
    shadow selves
    our death in every moment
    our renewal in every breath
    haggard vespers climbing through
    thin atmosphere to the bleeding joy
    of being alive

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  2. Wow… 😊👏 this is amazingly amazing 😊 I really liked your blog i hope you will like mine too 😊


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