Tongue Tied

Oman's Beach
Oman’s Beach


Meet me there, in the smell of sweet decay, between the light of what is and what could’ve been.

Meet me. I’ll hold you until you fall into holding me but no one will suffer more than I will. No one can take in what I’ve made.

Golden ink served on a silver plate; the fruit’s not ripe, the meat’s not done and your skin’s not fresh enough to dissect.

A true swordsman rises to fall again.

Agony is resistant, rising nonchalantly between the stars.

I have to give in sooner or later, the world can only be given to what I’ve made.

Meet me there.

Let our bodies fall into tongues.


Love, Alyazya

31 thoughts on “Tongue Tied

    1. You are most welcome, I could see some great posts on your blog and I will definitely go through each of them.


  1. I get tongue tied, it’s weird when you need to censor something you’ve written because it seems too raw or distressing for the reader. Like this a lot 🙂

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    1. Actually, I’ve never seen Mongolian in written form and it caught my attention as I scrolled through the tags!!! I translated it to English and although I know it doesn’t do justice to what your original post must’ve said, I found it really touching. Google Chrome automatically asks to translate pages btw 🙂 ALSO MONGOLIAN IS SO FASCINATING TO LOOK AT.


    2. Thank you very much. Actually i’m resting in hospital so this week i have plenty of time. If i translate as much as i can would you read it to me and say something about it? I like to write but there is too few readers for me, so i don’t know to improve myself.


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