Saudi Women: Will a decree change anything?

I collaborated with Kyle to discuss Saudi’s new liberating laws for women. I covered the effects the guardianship system may have and the backlash from conservative Saudis, as well as the precautions that were taken by the Kingdom. Finally, the possible driving trends were discussed and 5 Saudi women were interviewed in order for more insight.

Kyle Hughes

Within the region of Saudia Arabia, women have been unable to drive and/or hold a license due to the ultra-conservative nation’s laws prohibiting such from occurring. However, Saudi King Salman has issued a decree that now permits women to drive from next year onwards. Responses to the decree have been both positive and negative, with individuals from both sides seeking to raise their perspectives over social media. Particularly Twitter.

Alyazya from Yazzeus gives an in-depth perspective into the region through her own research and the thoughts of others and explores how the change will affect the lives of women.

Allowing women to drive is a historical step for Saudi women; however, the extent to which this law will be effective is questionable. There’s no doubt that some women will drive but how many will they be? What role will the guardianship system play? What consequences will they face for practising…

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