It takes nothing to kill me

My heart is not enough to live, my lungs aren’t enough to breathe and my chest is heavy because the air is feeling blue.

The child inside of me broke through my bones and now the emptiness burns a hole through my throat.

A bullet is not enough to break through my soul.

It takes nothing to kill me and I go through life wondering what I did to get killed by you.


Love, Alyazya

14 thoughts on “It takes nothing to kill me

  1. You’ve more than enough to live because you’ve a bullet proof soul. You’ve a lot to breathe because there’s a space in your chest. The kid that broke free roamed the world and is on her way back. Keep walking and she’ll find you. You needn’t die yet for the reaper’s busy somewhere else, and while you’re at it, keep moving on, she’s coming back, she’s coming back

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