Who am I?


I am a lover. I am a fighter.FullSizeRender
I am a daughter and a son. 

I’m here but my heart lies elsewhere. I’m a ghost. I’m the air between your fingers. I’m the breeze against your neck. I’m around when I’m not. I see with my eyes shut. I listen to silence. You’ll find my heart when my mind is blinded. You’ll find my mind when my heart is ill; inked with sin, and lost between the bones of my ribcage. I’m driven by my emotions and guided by my flaky mind. I’m yet to learn about the nature of who I am. Meanwhile, I’ll hold on to what I know, and that is: I’ll be loved until I’m not.


Love, Alyazya


110 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. I like ‘this title is just a title’ as your response. It needs great awareness to understand it because people keep their mind very busy in futile things. The day you come to experience the answer of ‘Who am I?’ within then your name and body will feel just like you are feeling with this title. Awareness meditation practice worked miraculous for me to experience ‘Who am I?’, you may try.

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    2. Very true. People are often too busy worrying about minor things that don’t really matter. Despite it being the title of my post, I don’t believe we have ownership of the question “Who am I?”. I am not the first nor will I be the last person to ask this question.

      What really matters is the outcome of posing this question: self-reflection.

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  1. I would have guessed arabic. You are expressing a cultural view through a foreign language, twisting english into evocative knots, performing linguistic surgery. It works well. When I asked about your lineage, I meant who has influenced you, the writers or poets, who do you connect with?

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    1. I find it difficult to connect with others or be influenced by people’s work. Let alone, relate to them emotionally. This is why I write. I hope that I find people who relate to me for the very least. I do love Seamus Heaney, and I got enthusiastic about my grandfather’s poetry. The only thing that I’ve written that was influenced by someone was an Arabic poem I wrote in 2014. The idea was influenced by a story I read in class and the writing was influenced by my grandfather’s poems. For the most part, my feelings, my thoughts, and my nightmares influence me.

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  2. Your poetry is very Supreme, keep bringing alyazya, btw you are looking beautifully angry in your pic. 👍☺️☺️☺️.
    You portrayed so well in your post it’s just like jaw dropping for me with a big ‘wow’ expression. Looking forward to your next post. Keep writing your awesomeness.

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  3. Thank you for the thought provoking post. It is a constant quest to discover ourselves; to pull away another layer of onion that hides our true self from what we think we know. Who we think we are today, may not be who we become or discover tomorrow. Ray

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    1. I wouldn’t brand it as poetry but thank you so much! I disagree though, I do believe we know ourselves; however we’re ever changing and that’s why people think they don’t quite know who they are.

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  4. Just speaking for me, it “feels” like the many questions I ask when sitting in the company of my own quietness; sometimes restless stirrings, sometimes an uneasiness of a truth I’m not ready to confront… really fantastic work Alyazya


  5. I liked your thought process and the way u have presented it.By the way which country you come from,I am from India.



  6. This is strange. These words resonate as if a part of me had been read. But then I see vivid images of someone else and their mysterious life. Very captivating, glad I found you or actually vice versa


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