They they they

There’s something beautiful and equally terrifying about being in love with your thoughts.

I like to lose myself in my thoughts, pretending I’m not one but a hundred people. We’re all very different but we’re stuck in one body. One body and one mind. A mind that has a job of many. A mind that’s on the edge of exploding. A mind that’s nowhere near sanity.

To be completely honest, they’re too much to handle. They are sounds that scare me but they’re the closest thing to home. They are faces that hinder my sleep but they comfort me through the night.

They still manage to have a heart, my heart, and with that, they’re too human to be called monsters.

I can’t deny, they’re always there when I cry. When no one sees me, they see me. They just sit there. They don’t speak or laugh. They don’t whisper to each other. Instead, they hold me. They hold me until the last drop of my tears has fallen down and they wait. If I want to speak, I do. When I don’t, they keep holding me until I fall asleep.

They’re warm like home but I wish they didn’t feel cold against my skin.


Love, Alyazya

12 thoughts on “They they they

  1. Can you please visit my blog
    Because I want a review on my writing so that I can write well in future…..I am asking you because you write too well……please review it…..*not kidding

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    1. I can’t believe you think so! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely read your posts and give you an honest review but it will take a while because I have some work to get done first. I hope you don’t mind the delay.


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