Little Monster

Can pain come from a place other than what I believe is a mistake?

He gave into an obedience derived from his fear.

He mustn’t be aware. We mustn’t speak. Words haven’t been said.

But the free crowned a king — the rebellion is lost. He’ll regret ever living again.

You think the breaths you take are heaven-sent but how much do you lose just trying to live? No wonder the people haven’t spoken to you yet. Little monster with no place to hide, where in this heart do you reside? I hope you survive this deadly ride ’cause living through the pain is a life-sent gift. You’ll never be more alive than when you want to die.


Love, Alyazya

24 thoughts on “Little Monster

  1. you up for collaborating, yazz? in the end, im actually making a movie. i started with my sketches, but a friend and I have done some interviews and i’ve taken some other footage and pics, for pre-producition. would u be interested in sharing some of ur own? up to u yazz. you can provide some of yr own bio, or writing, etcc…


    1. Hey Michael,

      I believe you asked me for this before. I can’t make a decision based on this alone. You follow me on Instagram so please talk to me there. I’d like to know the details of this.

      Liked by 1 person

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