Wasting my thoughts on you

Here I am, once again,

trying to remember who I used to be before I lost to insanity.

It’s funny how the only thing I see is how unhappy it is to be me.

It’s past 12, I’m at it again.

Holding onto what I remember of you.

I’m running out of energy just trying to breathe.

How many breaths have I taken to keep you within me?


Love, Alyazya

15 thoughts on “Wasting my thoughts on you

  1. This totally resonates with me when I’m overcome by sorrow. We end up believing what our mind tells us to believe in that state, “oh im crazy” “oh im insane”
    Wait…. No, actually I just love deeply! So don’t believe him! Believe in what you want yourself to be 🙂 And find someone who treats you right love

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