The burdens of her

I’ve been stumbling upon many articles about the first female this-and-that lately. For the past 2 years or so, we’ve had first female pilots, CEOs, and ministers. It brings me a feeling of contentment that fails to last because my eyes refuse to be blinded by what is being done for publicity.

Nothing changed in this part of the world. Certainly, not from where I’m sitting.

I can’t be happy for more than a second. My smile fades as soon as it forms because I remember sitting with my friend that afternoon. She told me her friend was jailed for 2 months for getting raped. This is our law. How her cousin was raped by her fiancee to teach her a lesson  —  “learn not to go out with a man who isn’t your husband” — and how she was too afraid to report it because she knew too well about the consequences.

I can’t be happy because I have eyes to see and a mirror to reflect my life for me. I can watch my family and my friends. I see how they behave and act. I see where the boundaries are drawn and where the limits are set. I can’t be happy because I was refused to study at a decent university, one that ranks 348 higher than the one I’m currently in. Why? Because I’m female.

When I try to have the slightest bit of hope the law kills it for me. I mean, have you even looked at the law? I’m a second-class citizen. The law tells me that I need a guardian until the age of 30. I’m a 21-year-old woman and I still need permission to practice my most basic human rights. I’m surprised they haven’t restricted breathing to men only. The law tells me I inherit 1/2 of what a man does. Not enough?

The law allows the chastisement by a husband of his wife and minor children, so long as the assault does not exceed the limits prescribed by Sharia (Islamic law)

How will headlines influence change when the law shamelessly discriminates against women? This is what makes me the saddest. Headlines that don’t reflect the reality of society but continue to trend among its people.

They say that it’s always the people in power who are afraid of change.

I‘d like to know..

What are these men so afraid of?

Why are they terrified of us?

17 thoughts on “The burdens of her

  1. This is so well written and it terrifies me the topic in which you write about. I cannot wait for the day in which all have equality! I really wish things were different now, however, and being from a country like Australia, sometimes it is hard to understand how these things still occur. If we keep up with our writing and endeavour to not give up, one day we’ll make a large difference. We just need to believe and work hard. Keep writing on topics like this and shine light upon it. People need to know.

    Thank you for the post.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Sadly, it still exists even in economically developed countries that endorse equality, freedom, and diversity. In practice, they don’t exist. Where I come from, people don’t like to speak about such issues either due to denial or fear of facing legal consequences. Every society is prone to change, hopefully for the better, and I hope that this is where mine is heading to.

      I’d like to note that the issues women face in my country aren’t as bad as they are in others. There are places where the majority are exposed to domestic violence, rape, child marriage (that leads to an increase in the maternal death rate worldwide), acid attacks, etc. Boys who are forced into labor get overworked and raped. Women can’t make a living if their husbands fall ill or pass away. Men get stressed, overworked and forced to meet inhumane expectations.

      It’s all not okay and it makes me feel guilty for the life I’ve been born into, regardless of the obstacles I face.

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  2. I also would like to write another topic about this, if you would like to? I really find this topic extremely important. We need traction and we need exposure on all of this. Email or message me if you would like to.

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  3. Actually, equality is not centered on nature. Nature or biology is not a justification for the inequality existing today. If you want to argue that it’s genetic, you’re wrong, as there is an existing society where women are superior to men. I believe it’s African one, however, I forgot what it’s called.

    Many societies have overcome gender inequality that is constructed by men, and this is what it is. Honestly, it doesn’t take a genius to know that.

    Realizing that both genders are equal and leaving behind old ideologies that allow men to feed off the power they’re given over women is what we need.

    I also want to note, that overall inequality is actually increasing, no more than ever female newborns are being buried alive, child marriage is on the rise, etc. Don’t blame nature on what is constructed by man.


    1. Equality is centered on nature. Society is an artificial creation of mankind. If you wish to see equality in full view, then understand the human mind, and how people react to certain things. Not this liberal belief, where everything centered around society.

      There’s a reason why “sexism” cannot be erased from this world. It is a word that does not mean one clear thing. Sexism cannot be erased because mankind cannot evolve without thousands of years of change. It is only experimental, until the point where we no longer recognize ourselves.
      Biology, as I know feminists despise that argument, tells of the feminine side which is objective, when compared to the masculine side, which is also objective. Masculinity is of the Y chromosome, and femininity is of the X chromosome. The former puts aggressiveness in the mind of the user, while the latter puts gentleness is the mind of the user. That is a fact. The only thing that alters this is interest, that might change the biology within a human. But should it be controlled for complete evolving of a species, it would have to be done through force. Examples: a woman to be more aggressive, her body will begin to change. Such as, her voice will become deeper, or her face more rugged. Should a man be more gentle, his voice will change, and he will have a twinkle in his eye.

      Besides, you feminists are so focused on equality, you forget that your movement was created by the elite. It was created by a group of elitists that predicted an increase in human development. From technological advancements, to the lessening of infant mortality, to the populations booming. It was created by the elite, to sacrifice stabilization in society (run by Nature), in favor of an artificial way to upkeep the survival of humanity. To get women out of the house, and into the working world. To improve the economy. Women would work, so there will be more jobs, more tax payer, and more consumers.
      Essentially, that is what any activist movement is about. They delude their followers into thinking their movements are virtuous, but in reality, they are solely for economics. So, what is equality, but a game at the hands of the Oligarchs? They feed you these yearnings, these desires that only politics can somehow satisfy. If you were in tuned with yourself, you’d know that a petty politician should not be trusted in the slightest, no matter the side they’re on. In fact, Democrats are praised as though they are saints, or the messiah, that no one could possibly believe they’d go rogue. Isn’t this more Biology, the unconscious arrogance, the unconscious faith that those we look up to will never betray us? It goes back to the first parent to look over its offspring. This is nature, and it is vast. It has lasted longer than a petty movement of only 1.5 centuries, that only dictates itself as artificial.

      No longer do you have Brownie troops, or Girl Scout troops teaching young girls womanly manners, or gentle behavior. No longer do you have women of the current generation inviting their families over for their gourmet meals, where their dinner tables are lined with the many dishes, and the flowers from their gardens. No longer do families enter the wide meadows of parks, and dine with a picnic. That has been lost due to feminism. There is no freedom in what you claim. It is merely another way to shackle yourself. Grow up with nature. Feed on it. It will do you good.
      You also have this whole philosophy that we must define yourself, to be happy. Rather than staying honest, you abide by weaklings who succumb to advertisements. No longer does religion put the ideal in people’s minds that temptation is crude. Now, we have Oscar Wilde giving out his quotes, against temptation. No one cares for the long-run, or the long-term consequences associated with short-term decisions. Our attention spans can only see as far as a short-term decision, but some Liberals enjoy that, so long as we toss out the old, and bring in the new, everything is fine and dandy. I long for the day when a human can look at a painting for minutes on end, and pop culture will once more be replaced by high culture. How sad.

      Right now, I despise the modern day woman, but I don’t despise women. Women of today, believe that if they do everything a man can do, they will be the happiest of the happy. But they forget about the many traits that only women can do. There are many, but this (More Nature!) ENVY, which is possessing them, is their source for their rich activists to feed to feminists so they may support them even more. Envy has controlled the modern day woman. She is envious of the man, and his “capabilities”. She longs to do what he can do, and be exactly like him. It is pathetic. Very pathetic.

      Try to understand economics. It will serve you in the long run, and perhaps increase your attention span, so you may make better long-term decisions, for more positive long-term consequences.


    2. You are a weakling. A very weak little girl. Please, enjoy being screwed in the ass sideways and backwards, by Rockefeller, and their machinations. I will sit here, and enjoy your torment.


    3. And you are frail. Like a wounded bird. I’m surprised you haven’t blocked me yet.

      How much money should spew out of your throat, before you get the picture, and your stubbornness will wash away?

      You love the Oligarchs! Admit it. You love them. You probably want to sleep with them. They probably want to sleep with you.


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